How to Boost Google Rankings Quickly in 2018

Boost Google Rankings

So you want to boost your Google ranking and have tried so many things.

You added more words to your content and built a crap ton of links. But nothing is working.

Every now and again you get a little movements in the SERPs but nothing dramatic.

I’m going to be telling you one thing that you need to improve, and that’s user experience.

You need to ask yourself, is this the best way to serve users?

Are you making sure that users will want to stay on your site?

In this post, I’ll be revealing some user experience tweaks that will boost your ranks.

So let’s get straight into it…

First of all, you need to make sure your pages load fast.

I would recommend shrinking your image sizes. You can do this by using a free online image shrinker like

online image shrinker

You then want to adjust you’re theme’s code. If your code is really big then that can really hinder your page speed.

Don’t worry, you don’t need to know any programming, I would recommend you using a free WordPress plugin called “WP Fastest Cache”.

Make sure you’re using a good company to host your website, you may want to upgrade your hosting plan or switch to a better provider.

Also, make sure you don’t have too many sites on the hosting plan you’re using.

After you have optimised your page speed, go ahead and sprinkle your content with helpful multimedia like images, videos and audio.

This is going to really reduce the bounce rate, people don’t like constantly having to read through text.

And speaking of text, make sure you don’t have blocks of them. This really turns the user off.

Make sure your text is broken up and there are plenty of spaces.

TIP: Make sure your text size isn’t too small.

Knoxville fencing companies

Over the years, most fences can be maintained with just some minor repairs and a few new coats of paint. But even the most well maintained fence will eventually need to be replaced. Here are 3 reasons it may be time to tear down your old fence and have a new one installed on your property.

Rust Stains

When the nails and fasteners which hold your fence together begin to corrode, stains or streaks will begin to form on your fence. Eventually the fasteners and nails will lose their grasp on the wood, causing your fence to deteriorate rapidly. Before your fence starts to collapse, which can leave a dangerous eyesore behind, replace it.


If your fence is old enough for Tom Sawyer to have whitewashed it, it’s time to get it replaced. The average lifespan of a fence depends on the material it’s made of and the quality of the workmanship. Some wood fences will require repair frequently and replacement within only a few years because they are built of low-quality wood. This is why you should consult a professional if you want to install a new fence.

Your Needs

A fence should create privacy, define your property line, deter trespassers, contain your pets, and make your property look good. If your fence isn’t taking care of these responsibilities, you may want to consider a new fence install.

At Knoxville fencing companies, we specialize in fence installations in Knoxville. By prioritizing the quality of our fencing, we minimize the need for future fence repair and ensure that your fence will last a long time.

Hire Quick Wasters for hassle free rubbish removal in London

Waste Removal London

Hassle free rubbish removal in London By Quick Wasters: 

Life can really get busy and hectic at times, striking work and family balance can be draining for some Londoners. These two aspects of life are both very important and you cannot let other things get in between them. The clutter in your house should not deprive you and your loved ones a good, peaceful, and conducive home environment. If you are a young professional in London putting long hours in your work as you try to establish yourself, time for dealing with the rubbish at your apartment might be hard to get, that’s why we why we are here.

Quickwasters Environment Agency Approved Rubbish Removal London

  • Running a busy business establishment requires concentration and focus on the core business, the last thing you want are inconveniences that may interfere with the daily business operations.
  • A business premise has an image and reputation to preserve, one of the worst way to taint your business image and reputation is letting issues related to rubbish, hygiene and waste disposal thrive.
  • This is why, if you decide to hire a rubbish removal company, you need a service provider who can deliver a hassle free quality service. This is exactly what we as Quick Wasters strive to deliver to our clients all the time.

Why should you hire Quick wasters for a hassle-free rubbish removal?

  • Well trained personnel; offering hassle-free rubbish removal services depends on the proficiency and skills of the person doing it. Is the personnel able to operate the equipment? A good service provider should have the good level of know how to work with their equipment and tools. Is the team well-coordinated? Professionally trained rubbish removal crews should have good knowledge of the work, they should work with good coordination know where to start. Which task to start with? Our people are well trained, motivated and able to render high-quality rubbish removal services. 
  • Experience; experience matters in every field or profession. This a very crucial aspect when it comes hassle-free rubbish removal. We have over 3 years’ experience in the waste clearance industry. Having been operations over three years we have handled many rubbish removal jobs of diverse nature. This has prepared our team to tackle any waste removal activity effectively, giving the client maximum value for their money. Working with us will be a worthy experience. 
  • Time consciousness; punctuality is one of the most important requirements of any hassle-free service. Having done this for long, we’re able to evaluate the waste at your premises and approximate the time it would take to clear it. We don’t want to hamper your daily operations or schedule. Our team will show up on time and handle every activity time consciously without affecting your work or home schedule. 

Waste Clearance in E8 , Hackney, Dalston, London

  • Equipment; At Quick Wasters we have the right equipment for rubbish removal. Our trucks will be there ready to be loaded with the rubble at your construction site for disposal. Our crew will show up with the right tools to ensure the garbage on your garden is no more. Our equipment is well serviced to prevent any breakdown. We have enough trucks to handle any breakdowns that may accidentally occur. 
  • Safety; accidents may occur during work in any field. We recognize that to offer a hassle-free rubbish removal service to Londoners, we ought to consider the risk involved and take the necessary measures. We are not only insured, our crews are provided with the protective gear necessary to avoid injuries. They are armed with the best practice guidelines to handle any safety-related issues; this is exactly why you should always feel comfortable hiring us. 
  • Easily accessible; hassle-free services rely on how easily or readily they can be reached. We are a just a phone call away. Sometimes a click away. Through our website, you will be able to request a free quotation and learn more about us easily. 
  • Flexible; flexibility is paramount for any hassle-free service. We will dispatch our team at your residence or factory very fast. As such, we’re able to tackle your rubbish within your stipulated hours; our team is able to put together a quick plan to work within your preferred time range. 

Waste Removal London

  • Compliant; we understand that failure to comply with the policies set by the authorities and regulators of the industry can halt or inconvenience your needs at your work or home premises. We believe that any hassle-free service delivery should comply with the authorities. Therefore, we are fully licensed. 

The last thing you want as a client is hiring incompetent clueless people to clear your rubbish. We At Quick Wasters offer quality services at very affordable rates, our customer care is friendly and ready to serve you. Our team has a good attitude and passion for what they do, contact us for the best rubbish removal in London. Quick Wasters remains as the best affordable Junk Removal Company for the residents of London.





Packing Tips For You When Moving Abroad

packing tips for you

You have already decided to take a trip abroad. You must be excited about it. However, it is never that easy. Other than having your visa and passport ready, you must ensure that you are carrying everything you need along with you. Figuring out what to take and what not to bring is never an easy task.

  • It is about feeling at home even when you are away
  • You still need to ensure that your luggage is light

The best way is to consult an expert on how to have all the things you need and still ensure that the luggage weight is not too much. Being a smart luggage packer will take a lot of creativity, organization, patience and paying attention to every detail. These tips will help you achieve a quick and effective packing;

  1. Get help

Imagine every time you think you are done with the packing; something else appears; an essential item in this case. Your suitcase seems full, and you are left in a dilemma of what to remove from the briefcase so that you can carry that cute dress or pair of shoes that you do not want to leave behind. You might waste a lot of time replacing items and at the end of the day; you will still leave some essential items. You need someone to help you make the decision. For example, a friend can advise you that you do not have to carry all your pair of shoes. After all, you will be leaving people behind right? They will help you choose the few pairs of shoes that you might not do well without once you are gone. This helps in speeding up the decision-making process.

Packing Tips For You When Moving Abroad

  1. Maximize your bag space

You can have a list of all the items that you intend to carry. Now it is time to make them fit in the suitcase and fit well. Creating space is not that hard. First, you can start with light clothes such as t-shirts, some light pants, and sweaters. Instead of folding them when packing, roll them. Do not let the fear of them getting wrinkled stop you from creating as much space as you can. You can always straighten them later when you reach your destination.

The next way to create space is by wearing a travel jacket or vest with lots of pockets. This way you can carry some items in your pockets. What about looking for a vacuum-seal bag? This way you can keep some stiff garments such as your blazers that cannot be rolled. Some items such as socks and lingerie can be stuffed in other things. For better organization, it is recommendable to go for packaging cubes.

  1. Check out the scale

You must know that the scale does not lie. Yes, it can be frustrating to leave some of your favorite clothes behind, but if need be, just let them go. Luggage weight is very crucial. It is wise to weigh your luggage while still at home this way; you will avoid the shock of finding out that your bag is already overweight while at the airline. The only way you are going to evade the baggage fee is if you have an airline credit line but what if you do not have one? Save yourself by leaving your home with the ideal travel weight. It saves you a lot.

Why man with man is advisable

  1. Priorities first

When packing, you must know which items should start and which one you can pack right before locking the bag. The best way is to start with your shoes. Shoes are bulky and occupy a lot of space, but you can decide to pick a pair for every occasion that you might attend while abroad. This ensures that once you are done packing a few pairs, you will have all the remaining space to keep all the other items that you need. You will already have a checklist. Tick every item after it’s packed.

  1. Do not forget to have a carry-on

You cannot keep all your items stuffed in one suitcase. Consider getting a handbag where you can keep any breakables and valuable items such as the immigration documents and any other fragile things.

  1. Ditch your old items

Do you really have to carry your old jewellery and makeup? You probably have siblings that you will be leaving behind. Now it is time to gift them with those bangles, necklaces and makeup kits that you loved so much. You can always get new once wherever you are going. In this case, generosity saves you a lot.

packing tips when moving abroad

These tips will help you a lot and minimize your frustrations. You can always hire a man, and van to take your items to the airport. What’s even better? They can help you with the packing process, and at the end of the day, you will be stress-free.

The Benefits of Electrical Cars – Thanks Elon

Electrical vehicles will soon be mainstream and the standard type of car you purchase. It’s just a matter of time until it happens.

Electrical cars are a big benefit to the world in so many ways. The car manufacturer that’s leading the way for electrical vehicles is Tesla.

Tesla is owned by billionaire Elon Musk. I don’t know about you but I love me some Elon.

elon musk

(Electrical Certificates London)

The man is an absolute genius and is devoted to solving world issues like climate change. He even wants humans to go to Mars.

You see, there’s a big pollution problem in the world and too much C02 is being put out into the world’s atmosphere. Unfortunately, the Earth can’t handle the amount of C02 that the world is producing.

The ways it’s going right now, people are just pumping C02 into the Earth and seeing how much it can take until it pops.


We all see the stupidity and illogical reasoning here. Instead of waiting for an inevitable disaster, why aren’t companies and governments doing something about this?

This isn’t a conspiracy theory it’s reality. These are the kind of remarks that Elon Musk had.

So what did he do? He started multiple companies to solve this issue like “Tesla” and “Solar City“.

Electrical cars will help massively in the fight against climate change. However, climate change is not the only issue electrical vehicles can solve.

If people are moving away from using oil and fossil fuel and electricity is the overwhelming majority way of consuming electricity then that would mean wars would end. Not all wars but wars that are being fought for oil right now.

Electrical cars are also a lot more efficient, quieter and have better AI installed in them.