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Over the years, most fences can be maintained with just some minor repairs and a few new coats of paint. But even the most well maintained fence will eventually need to be replaced. Here are 3 reasons it may be time to tear down your old fence and have a new one installed on your property.

Rust Stains

When the nails and fasteners which hold your fence together begin to corrode, stains or streaks will begin to form on your fence. Eventually the fasteners and nails will lose their grasp on the wood, causing your fence to deteriorate rapidly. Before your fence starts to collapse, which can leave a dangerous eyesore behind, replace it.


If your fence is old enough for Tom Sawyer to have whitewashed it, it’s time to get it replaced. The average lifespan of a fence depends on the material it’s made of and the quality of the workmanship. Some wood fences will require repair frequently and replacement within only a few years because they are built of low-quality wood. This is why you should consult a professional if you want to install a new fence.

Your Needs

A fence should create privacy, define your property line, deter trespassers, contain your pets, and make your property look good. If your fence isn’t taking care of these responsibilities, you may want to consider a new fence install.

At Knoxville fencing companies, we specialize in fence installations in Knoxville. By prioritizing the quality of our fencing, we minimize the need for future fence repair and ensure that your fence will last a long time.

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