How to Boost Google Rankings Quickly in 2018

So you want to boost your Google ranking and have tried so many things.

You added more words to your content and built a crap ton of links. But nothing is working.

Every now and again you get a little movements in the SERPs but nothing dramatic.

I’m going to be telling you one thing that you need to improve, and that’s user experience.

You need to ask yourself, is this the best way to serve users?

Are you making sure that users will want to stay on your site?

In this post, I’ll be revealing some user experience tweaks that will boost your ranks.

So let’s get straight into it…

First of all, you need to make sure your pages load fast.

I would recommend shrinking your image sizes. You can do this by using a free online image shrinker like

online image shrinker

You then want to adjust you’re theme’s code. If your code is really big then that can really hinder your page speed.

Don’t worry, you don’t need to know any programming, I would recommend you using a free WordPress plugin called “WP Fastest Cache”.

Make sure you’re using a good company to host your website, you may want to upgrade your hosting plan or switch to a better provider.

Also, make sure you don’t have too many sites on the hosting plan you’re using.

After you have optimised your page speed, go ahead and sprinkle your content with helpful multimedia like images, videos and audio.

This is going to really reduce the bounce rate, people don’t like constantly having to read through text.

And speaking of text, make sure you don’t have blocks of them. This really turns the user off.

Make sure your text is broken up and there are plenty of spaces.

TIP: Make sure your text size isn’t too small.

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