The Benefits of Electrical Cars – Thanks Elon

Electrical vehicles will soon be mainstream and the standard type of car you purchase. It’s just a matter of time until it happens.

Electrical cars are a big benefit to the world in so many ways. The car manufacturer that’s leading the way for electrical vehicles is Tesla.

Tesla is owned by billionaire Elon Musk. I don’t know about you but I love me some Elon.

elon musk

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The man is an absolute genius and is devoted to solving world issues like climate change. He even wants humans to go to Mars.

You see, there’s a big pollution problem in the world and too much C02 is being put out into the world’s atmosphere. Unfortunately, the Earth can’t handle the amount of C02 that the world is producing.

The ways it’s going right now, people are just pumping C02 into the Earth and seeing how much it can take until it pops.


We all see the stupidity and illogical reasoning here. Instead of waiting for an inevitable disaster, why aren’t companies and governments doing something about this?

This isn’t a conspiracy theory it’s reality. These are the kind of remarks that Elon Musk had.

So what did he do? He started multiple companies to solve this issue like “Tesla” and “Solar City“.

Electrical cars will help massively in the fight against climate change. However, climate change is not the only issue electrical vehicles can solve.

If people are moving away from using oil and fossil fuel and electricity is the overwhelming majority way of consuming electricity then that would mean wars would end. Not all wars but wars that are being fought for oil right now.

Electrical cars are also a lot more efficient, quieter and have better AI installed in them.

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